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Your Choice to act now

The Time has come: - Act Now

MHRA Proposes to effectively ban Nicotine containing products.

Dear vapers.

During the first week of February . The MHRA have drafted a proposal (MLX364) wishing to class all products containing nicotine to come under the the label of medicinal products. And as such, making them, illegal to sell in the UK.

Mhra proposal MLX364

This legislation, if passed, would mean the total banning of electronic-cigarettes and e-liquids that contain nicotine for sale in the UK.

Forcing you, the consumer to :

Return to smoking. -( keeping tobacco company accountants happy)

Try and quit your nicotine habit using the “Big Pharma” products. -( keeping the pharmaceutical company accountants happy)

Purchase your ecigs eliquids and equipment. from riskier overseas markets.- ( assuming you can get them past customs)

Go cold turkey.

The proposal has 3 exit strategies to define what category the nicotine in an electronic cigarette should fall under and what action, by them, should be taken.In simplistic layman's terms, these are:

Option 1 : Classify its as a medicine and press for removal from the shelves within 21 days from the end of the consultation. 21st June 2010.

Option 2: Classify it as a medicine and give suppliers and manufacturers 12 months to prove otherwise before removal from shelves. eg June 2011

Option 3: It is not medicinal and thus does not fall under the auspices of the MHRA. ( What they have labelled “ Do Nothing”)

What YOU can DO to help ?

Firstly and most simply there are currently 2 online petitions that you can sign.

10 Downing street petition.  Petitiononline .com

Please sign them both, to show them that you care.

Secondly and more importantly there is the online reply form direct to the MRHA

Response form MLX364

Please state which option you would prefer to see.

And a concise truthful account of your own experience with using the electronic cigarette.

For example :

Why you started to use them

Why you continue to use them

What would happen if you were forced not to use them
Number of Cigarettes a day you used to smoke and currently smoke.
Any benefits you have noticed etc

(Do not use profanities and clever remarks as they will just ignore what you have to say).

Thirdly : Contact your MP and express your concerns, : MP Contact

If your GP knows about you using the electronic cigarette. Tell them about the MHRA proposal.

Please help in stopping this - dont let apathy take away your right to be heard and vape.

Thank you

Your opinion, important.
Your voice, crucial,

Your action, critical.

Dont let apathy rule

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Dont let apathy rule